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        Liberate Your Greatest Joy,
             Purpose, Passion & Power...
    Transform Your Life


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"Joyous' vision for education is exactly what this world needs... He is a very admirable young man and I will support him however I am able." 

Steve Wozniak

(Co-Founder at Apple, Inc.) 

"Joyous encapsulates inspiration and an open heart; he is up to some very progressive unique ideas that may shift our education system and ultimately the entire world we live in.  What a pleasure working with him... his drive and inspiration is contagious!"

Raj Lahoti
(Founder & CEO, &

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Joyous ("JP") illuminates the essence of a person’s unique purpose, power and gifts. This "Illuminessence" process results in leading a life of greater prosperity, joy, fulfillment and wellbeing.

After working with hundreds of people, Joyous has learned time-tested techniques, tips and tools on how to align with and embody your best life.


Combining a lifetime of education in transformation coaching, EQ development, regenerative ecology, personal wellness and psychology, Joyous creates an integrated experience of playfully immersive self-actualization.

Personal  Illuminessence 


Enterprise Illuminessence 

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Joyous offers Brand & Business Illuminessence services to discover, design and develop the core value, vision and brand of your enterprise or product.

Enterprise Illuminessence is completed through IAM WEARE and designed to:


  • Create and catalyze breakthrough brands
    and products


  • Envision and unearth the full potential of
    "Your Big Idea"


  • Develop & refine core business materials

  • Provide individual and team leadership
    coaching services


  • Design leading edge technologies, apps
    and platforms

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Untitled design.png


Receive Special Access & Discounts to Signature
Opportunities, Transformational Events and Coaching.

Thank you for saying YES
to your liberated life! 


Highlighted Venture

H.O.M.E. is a regenerative community model, designed with integrated life systems, for families to thrive in an amenity-rich ecosystem.  The company is developing a network of beyond sustainable residential resort community developments around the world, connected by a unique peer-to-peer social platform & distributed marketplace empowering sovereign regenerative living at any scale (personal-to-developer grade solutions). HOME is powered by a transparent economic engine and a unique digital asset which is 100% collateralized by a portfolio of tangible, naturally appreciating, revenue producing hard assets.


Core ventures & Affiliations:
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Highlighted Technology

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Gamified Self-Actualization 
Click Acorn to experience

Prior works

Transformative Group Logo

Co-Founder & Managing Director (2013 - 2017)


Provides consulting, training, education, workshops, technologies and integrated solutions that facilitate optimal wholeness, health & happiness for leaders and their organizations. Offers best practices in the creation and maintenance of sustainable client relationships, optimal wellness empowerment, and high impact purpose-driven business practice with senior management teams.  Working mainly with senior executive leaders and teams, Transformative is designed to offer solutions for companies to become leaders in the new emergent era of regenerative and cause-driven business.


Business Development Lead  (2015-2016)


We Are Spark (formerly) SparkRelief is a catalyst for non-profit innovation, and a network of dedicated people, organized as a 501c3 nonprofit, building apps for humanity.

We Are Spark helps decision makers save resources and lives, by delivering real-time insights through beautiful data visualizations.

SparkRelief was designed to help Nonprofits, Foundations, Corporations, Cities, Counties, States, and Countries to create impact.


Joyous was a founding team member of SparkRelief tasked with developing formative business materials and working on the launching strategy.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 2.50.19 PM.png

Founding Partner & Chief Prosperity Officer (2012 - 2018)


The AWE Regenerative Innovation Centers and AWE Co-Working Centers are designed to help its members powerfully manifest their highest potential and impact on global transformation. This is done by providing highly inspiring and personally fulfilling experiences, environments and communities that foster personal growth, optimal wellness and the resources to accelerate and exponentiate entrepreneurial endeavors devoted to ecosystemic thriving and world of Abundance, Wellness & Empowerment.


Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer (2015-2016)


A planned eco-event venue, immersive learning center and R&D transformative technology center designed for the Cultural Creatives and Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability (LOHAS) marketplaces.

Joyous founded the
vision for the project, developed all core business artifacts,  placed the property in escrow, negotiated its acquisition and brought in over $8M in capital to acquire the property. 

This property was created as a regenerative sanctuary and community impact center for a global collective of socioeconomic paradigm shift partners to connect, create, embody and share a "New Story" of wellness, abundance and connection for a  thriving human experience. 



Experience Your Best Life Now

You have found a Mentor committed to supporting you in leading your most joyful,
purpose-aligned and 
fulfilling life.

 The question is ... are you ready?

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If you are looking to grow and accelerate your mastery in any of these areas, connect with me below to schedule a free consultation. I look forward to serving you and experiening an enriched life together.


Joyful Living 
& Vibrant Wellbeing




Sovereign Wealth Creation


Digital Asset 


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